Top 3 Folliculitis Shampoos – For a fast and effective home treatment

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Folliculitis, a condition where there is inflammation or an infection of hair follicles can appear anywhere on the body and can even be mistaken for common acne. Common areas where folliculitis occurs is the face, arms, back, and scalp however thankfully effective folliculitis shampoos exist to treat scalp folliculitis.

If you’re looking to avoid the poking and prodding dermatologists and want a quick, effective and pain-free treatment I’ve listed some of the best folliculitis shampoos you can get without a prescription. Make sure to follow each manufacturers guidelines on how to use correctly.

A word of warning, pretty much all effective folliculitis shampoos have a fairly strong odor. There is no escaping this sadly.

1. Cln Shampoo for Folliculitis – By Cln

Specifically designed by dermatologists for scalp folliculitis, this shampoo can be used for an array of different scalp conditions. Cln states this particular shampoo for folliculitis can be used between 1-3 times a week and recommends to increase frequency if your skin can tolerate the treatment. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.


  • For some individuals, it can work from day 1 but this varies person to person
  • Can be used as a body wash although not specifically designed for that purpose
  • Excellent for other scalp conditions including dermatitis, dandruff, and a dry itchy scalp
  • Clinically tested


  • Quite a strong chemical/medicinal smell which lingers for hours or even up to days
  • Very expensive for an 8oz bottle
  • Not a lot of lather when agitated and applied to scalp

2. Folliculit Solution – By Ovante

Ovante has developed a new and improved shampoo for people suffering from scalp folliculitis and they even have a whole line of products devoted to treating scalp folliculitis. The folliculit solution is developed from natural plant based ingredients and oils which help to cut through the symptoms of scalp folliculitis. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.


  • Good for sensitive skin types and has not caused further irritation in many users
  • It is pretty thin for a shampoo which helps the product get deeper into the scalp and lathers pretty well which helps the bottle go a little further making it more cost effective than its competitors
  • Treats a number of conditions including, ringworms, yeast infections dandruff and of course scalp folliculitis


  • Strong odor but not as bad as the CLn shampoo for folliculitis
  • In severe cases of folliculitis, Ovante recommends using the hair conditioner and scalp lotion adding to the overall cost of treatment for severe cases

3. Folliculitis Shampoo – By Nueva Colonia Products

This shampoo for folliculitis comes in a very unassuming bottle which is larger (40oz) and cheaper than any other on this list which makes it an attractive offer for anyone who is likely to use this shampoo multiple times a week. CLick here to check the latest price on Amazon.


  • Very cost effective for a folliculitis shampoo compared to other products
  • Doesn’t dry out hair on use
  • Cuts down on any inflammation and helps reduce painful spots
  • No strong after odor when used
  • Nueva Colonia Products offer a full refund if the product is ineffective against your folliculitis


  • This shampoo for folliculitis can lose its color when exposed to light and air.
  • First impressions of the product are poor with a cheap looking bottle

Final Thoughts on Scalp Folliculitis Shampoos

Shampoos for folliculitis all have a strong medicinal odor, I don’t think there is anyway getting around that. However, the folliculitis shampoo by Nueva Colonia Products has a muted after odor when used and is extremely cost effective for the volume purchased. If your condition persists after a treatment of this shampoo please do see a healthcare professional.

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