Best Probiotic For Acne – Eminence Probiotic Cleanser Review

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In an earlier article, I uncovered some of the mysteries and the difference between consuming probiotics within a balanced diet and applying probiotics topically in creams, washes and moisturizers to prevent breakouts. The conclusion which I drew from various scientific sources was that probiotics for acne work!

Topical probiotics have a strong grounding in scientific research and more research is yet to be done to really hammer home the specific types of bacteria that help combat acne breakouts. However, this is not to say that forward thinking cosmetic businesses haven’t innovated in this area!

As my regular readers may know I have suffered and combated acne and back acne (bacne) in all of my adult life since puberty and tried all sorts of products along the way with a detrimental effect on my bank balance!

One of the products that have worked well for my skin has been the Eminence Probiotic Cleanser to greatly reduce the acne on my face.




Personally, what I really like about the Eminence brand is that they are a green business and use organic and natural ingredients where they can. They also keep innovating and testing new formulations which actually work.

The Eminence Probiotic Cleanser has some of the usual ingredients in helping fight acne breakouts like tea tree oil and willow bark extract with the added benefits of the probiotic ingredients. In this case, it happens to be yogurt which has the probiotics in it.

Interestingly enough the Eminence Probiotic Cleanser has won 3 awards in the last 2 years (2016 and 2017) with 2 of the awards being specific acne combating awards. Before I used this cleanser it had a lot of hype and expectation to live up to!

Who is it for?

Eminence states that this product is for anyone who has acne prone skin and anyone who has problem skin and breakouts of acne. Additionally, Eminence states that the results can include a reduction in pore size and the appearance of blemishes being improved.



  • The first and the biggest pro is that it did what it set out to achieve! My skin was clearer, less inflamed and it helped clear up previous blemishes from past breakouts.
  • No Parabens or any other nasty petrochemicals which can cause irritation in some people. One of the reasons why this product doesn’t lather is that it doesn’t have sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is a proven skin irritant
  • Organic, natural and no animal testing! Yes, I care about animals and the environment!
  • My skin did feel smoother and appear suppler


  • The shelf life of the Eminence Probiotic Cleanser of only 12 months from the date of opening might be slightly disappointing for some users. This probiotic cleanser lasted between 4-6 months for me, however, I did use it every day.
  • Everyone may not like the smell of this probiotic cleanser…. Due to the list of natural ingredients and lack of artificial perfumes added the smell may not be to everyone’s liking. Although odour can be highly subjective, the Eminence clear skin Probiotic cleanser smelled like a combination of black pepper and general vegetation to me.
  • Price point – Slightly more expensive than other popular brands.
  • Any of my readers outside the USA might find it hard or even rather expensive to obtain.

Final Thoughts

Although the smell might not be to everyone’s liking, this product really works! I can live with some of the drawbacks of the Eminence clear skin Probiotic Cleanser due to having felt the pain and embarrassment of having acne on your face is much less than spending 30USD.

One of the factors which I maintained constant during my test and review of this product was my diet. This is so I could remain as objective as possible and give the fairest evaluation. That meant no foods that can cause an excessive amounts sebum and therefore acne. These are some of the rules which I followed.

In conclusion, the probiotic cleanser gets the thumbs up from me. You can check the latest price here.


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