Best Pillowcase for Acne Prone Skin

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Best Pillowcase For Acne Prone Skin, Pillowcase For Acne Prone SKin

Often, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of treating and eliminating our acne outbreaks are topical solutions like chemical sprays and creams that contain common acne-reducing chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. While often these topical solutions are the best first step in treating your acne outbreaks, it is important to recognize that other elements in our day to day lives may be discouraging our efforts to maintain clean and clear skin.

Editors note: We found the Alaska Bear Pillowcase to be the ideal choice for function, logevity and results in minimizing breakouts.

We’re talking about pillowcases, and how finding the right kind for you can actually help in healing breakouts and maintaining clear, acne-free skin. Often times, pillowcases can become the home for dirt and oils that collect on our skin in our daily lives, meaning that while we may cleanse and treat our acne outbreaks before we go to sleep at night by putting our faces on these pillowcases we are essentially retransferring all of that dirt and oil back onto our faces.

This article looks at a couple of the best pillowcases for treating acne that are on the market today. If you’re having trouble treating your acne outbreaks using topical treatments alone, read through and see if one of these pillowcases might be the solution for you.

1. The Alaska Bear – Natural Silk Pillowcase

The Alaska Bear natural silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic and made from breathable and organic 600 thread-count natural silk fibres that help to minimize the collection of dirt and oils that often become trapped in your pillowcase.

Dermatologist recommended this pillowcase can not only help to minimize acne outbreaks but also helps in the prevention of wrinkles, dry skin and morning bed head! Silk has long been known as an important tool in maintaining positive skin health due to its breathable nature and smooth texture that helps to minimize friction while you sleep.

The Alaska Bear pillowcase’s 100% silk fibre design, works to encourage optimal skin health while keeping your pillowcase chemical-free. Click here to check price on Amazon.


  • Chemical-free and naturally dyed
  • Hypoallergenic and made from 100% natural fibres
  • Many users have reported positive improvements in their acne outbreaks after using this pillowcase especially in terms of having less oily skin
  • Made from silk which discourages the growth of bacteria that often causes or inflames acne outbreaks


  • Some complaints that the pillowcase comes out of the wash excessively wrinkled. Some users recommend using a handheld steamer to clean this pillowcase as it is gentler than a traditional wash cycle.

Washing and Care Instructions

  1. Hand wash this pillowcase in cold water with a mild detergent for optimal washing results. It is recommended that darker colored pillowcases are not soaked for more than three minutes. Additionally, a few drops of distilled white vinegar can be added to the water to help maintain the pillowcase’s natural color.
  2. Do not twist or wring out these pillowcases as they become more delicate when wet. Instead, it is recommended that they are hang dried out of the way of direct sunlight.

Overall, the Alaska Bear natural silk pillowcase is an awesome option when looking for a replacement for your dirt and oil harboring cotton pillowcase. Made of 19 Momme Mulberry Silk, this pillowcase is breathable and chemical-free to help minimize skin irritations while sleeping. Definitely a great option to add to your acne skincare regime!

2. The Nufabrx Pillowcase – Bamboo Thread Pillocase

The Nufabrx pillowcase features a 100 percent natural, 220 bamboo thread count design and contains an essential oil serum of lavender, lemon balm, tea tree and wintergreen oils. This special serum has been shown to help reduce the presence of acne-causing bacteria in 91.5% of those that use this pillowcase, often in just a 24 hour period!

Taking advantage of a nano-capsule technology, the innovative essential oil serum used in the Nufabrx pillowcase is embedded into the fibres of the case, while the heat from your skin helps to release the serum while you sleep. Click here to check price on Amazon.


  • Made from 100 percent natural, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial materials to help minimize and eliminate acne-causing bacteria
  • Unique serum using heat-activated nano-capsule technologies to release acne-reducing essential oils while you sleep and gives off a pleasant, calming aroma
  • Decreased thread count, when compared with a standard 500 cotton thread count pillowcase, allows for great breathability and clearer skin
  • Many saw positive results in their skin within a few days of sleeping on this pillowcase


  • Due to the presence of the essential oil serum embedded in this pillowcase, it is recommended that this case be replaced every 4-6 months

Washing and Care Instructions

  1. Once a week machine wash the pillowcase in cold water.
  2. The pillowcase can be tumble dried on low heat and remove immediately after drying cycle is complete. It is recommended that you do not iron this pillowcase.

The Nufabrx pillowcase is a great option for replacing your traditional cotton pillowcase. Specifically designed to help treat and heal acne-irritated skin, this may be one of the best options on the market today when it comes to skincare focused linens. While not a onetime purchase due to the presence of the essential oil serum, this pillowcase may definitely be worth a try if you’re looking for a pillowcase that will add in the supplementary care of your acne outbreaks!

3. Kleen Fabrics – Acne Fighting Pillowcase

Kleen fabrics are an interesting brand as they specialize in creating fabrics, undergarments, and bedding with silver. With a tagline of “unstinkable, unstoppable, antimicrobial apparel” they certainly grab your attention!

Silver is known to be an antibacterial metal used in medicine to reduce the risk of infection and help with healing with burn victims too. Kleen Fabric uses this same silver ion technology in their textiles. One of the things we loved about the pillowcase for acne was that it had silver embedded within the fibre of the thread. The result of this is that the silver doesn’t wash out over time when using and washing this pillowcase. Click here to check price on Amazon.


  • Many people saw quick results from the use of this pillowcase
  • Comparable in price to other acne fighting pillowcases
  • The antimicrobial silver is embedded within the thread of the pillowcase so won’t wash out after a few washes
  • Kleen Fabrics have tested there fabrics on 100 harsh industrial launderings and still found that the silver had not washed out. This also makes this pillowcase environmentally safe too.
  • Fights odor and mold too


  • Extremely low thread count at 90 not making it as soft and luxurious as other pillowcases
  • Made with a polyester blend which when compared to other pillowcases for acne feels like a cheaper material
  • Only comes in queen size

Washing and Care Instructions

  1. Extremely easy to wash. Just wash and dry in your normal wash cycle

The Kleen fabrics pillowcase for acne prone skin is a great option if you are looking for longevity for the life of the pillowcase. Although it does have a cheaper feeling 90 thread count in a polyester blend which does let it down slightly when comparing it its competitors. However, this actor doesn’t take away from its functionality in fighting acne!

Final Thoughts On The Best Pillowcase for Acne Prone Skin

While often we focus predominantly on topical treatments when thinking about skincare and the reduction of acne outbreaks, it’s important to recognize that there are a great many factors in our day to day lives that can influence the frequency and severity of our acne flare ups.

If you’ve found that topical treatments just aren’t enough to keep your skin clear and your acne outbreaks under control it may be time for you to consider switching to an acne-friendly pillowcase that can help increase breathability while minimizing the dirt and oil build-up found in cotton pillowcases. Clear skin may just be all in a night’s sleep!

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