Hi and welcome to Freemyacne.com!

I’m Jessica Roche and I started Free My Acne as a resource for people like me who were cursed with acne since puberty. I’ve spent many years, lots of money and what feels like thousands of products experimenting with works with my skin and doesn’t.

Once I found what worked for me I had people continuously complementing me on how clear my skin looked and asking “what my secret was”. I was shocked because my teenage years consisted of embarrassment, pain, and bullying due to something which I felt I could not control at the time. Eventually, however, I landed a few part time modeling roles!

I really believe that you too can be acne free because I was the hardest of hardest cases! As you’ll find out I favor a combination approach in treating acne, by hitting a problem with a mixture of diet, supplementation and topical treatments which are backed by science. No witchcraft here!

If you want to come say Hi, you can contact me here.